Agile Execution Model - Scrum

In today’s development world, change is the only constant!!

At GeoTech we very well value the truth of this and thus have adapted to the most modern and flexible software development process in practice today – The Scrum!!

GeoTech follows SCRUM so that the best possible software can be constructed within a short time-span by small high-performing teams using the best approach. For this purpose, we use Scrum process of development. It is a wrapper for existing engineering practices.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a lightweight agile process framework used primarily for managing software development. It consists of interrelated practices and rules that optimize the development environment, reduce organizational overhead, and closely synchronize requirements with iterative prototypes.

How does Scrum help to maximize productivity?

Scrum is a team-based approach to improve communications and maximize co-operation.